As of now, the voice-over is shorter than the clips. To make them align with each other:

  1. At 2:40 sec, the second clip should end;

With the scenes set up, this post will add a voice over track to make it alive.

  1. Create an empty game object, named as Audio, and child it under Intro Cutscene.

4. In the Intro Cutscene timeline, add an Audio Track. Rename it to Voice Over

In this animation, we will blend the Vault clip with the previous one (security card). This clip ends around 1:05:00 min.

Then, bring the last clip (CM Darren End), which ends around 1:09:23 min.

Reposition CM Darren End to a better position according to the Director’s note.

In this animation, the camera pans towards the guard, then blend a clip to look at the card.

The clip ends around 57:40 sec

  1. Add an animation track of CM sleeping guard

3. Then at the end of the clip, key another frame

In this animation, we will pan around the security cameras.

The clip ends around 39: 41sec.

  1. Create an animation track and assign CM Look at Security Cameras

2. Key the first frame by adjusting the pos and rotation a bit, around Pos (3.74, 6.65, -53.94) & Rotation (-13.542, 145.32, 0)

3. Pan around and key the nextframe at around Pos (-6.978, 10.919, -63.765) & Rotation (8.632, 109.252, 0)

Then it will cut to the next clip (CM Darren Anything else, ends around 43:57 sec), which is a static shot, and again, some noise can be added to make it more alive.

In this animation, we will see the guards. Again, no animation track is needed to be added here, the animation will play once we add in the AI characters later in the game.

However, to make the shot less stiff, we can add a bit noise here, adjust the noise level so it looks more natural (_mild).

In this animation, the camera will cut to Darren.

The clip will end around 21:53 sec

Then it will transit to the next cut, Darren sees guards., and this clip will end around 26:16.

Here, there is no animation track that needs to be added, simply switching between two cameras will do the work indicated in the Director’s note.

As of now, the Timeline for the Intro Cutscene is a bit cluttered, and we will run out of space as we add more tracks to it.

To keep it organized, we can add a “Track Group” as follows:

In this animation, the camera will rise from the marble floor and view the items in the room.

The clip ends around 18.28 sec.

  1. Create an animation track and assign CM Rise from Marble to it.

In this animation, the camera rises to reveal the area, and in this clip, the camera will pan up.

The clip ends around 13.42 sec.

  1. Add a new animation track, key the first frame, Pos (-7.690, 4.56, 36.27) & Rotation (6.913, 144.593, 0)

2. Key the final frame at the end of the clip, Pos (-1.094, 8.517, 33.801) & Rotation (11.382, 170.615, 0)

If the first frame did not register the rotation, re-record the first frame will solve the problem.


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