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  1. Changes the counter objects to static
  1. Create a Scripts folder in the Project tab to store all the upcoming scripts
  2. Create a Player.cs script and attach it to the Player gameobject
  3. Pseudocode for Updating player position:
  • Pseudocode
    // Create a handle to nav mesh agent
    // In Start(), assign the handle to the NavMesh component
    // In Update(), handle.position = hitInfo.point
  • Code
  1. When the player moves, there are six camera progression angles will be used to follow his movement. Start with Camera_One
  • Drag the Main Camera into Camera_Progression_Angles, and set its Transform parameters the same as Camera_One
  • Then move the Main Camera back to the root hierarchy.
  1. Select Object → Floor Collider
  • Window → Navigation
  1. Create a “UI Image” to fill the game screen. Make sure the Canvas scales with the screen size. Select the image and set the starting color to “black”. …
  1. At 2:40 sec, the second clip should end;
  2. Extend the 3rd clip to 9:00 sec
  3. Extend the 4th clip to 15:05 sec
  4. Shorten the Darrent Anything else clip to 39:98 sec
  5. For the sleeping guard clip, drag the first animation frame to around 40 sec
  6. End the sleeping guard clip to 48:56 sec
  7. Move the ending frame to 47:43 sec
  8. Blend the next security card clip
  9. Blend the vault clip to the previous security card clip
  10. End the vault clip at 53:40 sec
  11. Extend the last clip till the end
  12. Add noise to the last clip to make it less still
  1. Create an empty game object, named as Audio, and child it under Intro Cutscene.
  2. Create another two empty game objects: VO (voice over) & Music, child them under Audio. (Each cutscene will have the Audio child to host the audios)
  3. Add Audio source components to VO & Music
  1. Add an animation track of CM sleeping guard
  2. Key the first frame
  1. Create an animation track and assign CM Look at Security Cameras


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